The Rise of the Naton State

Ok, so after a very long and not at all tiring campaign of procrastination, I’ve finally given in to friends and fans and started a blog. As a writer, it seems to make sense…kind of.

What’s gonna be in this blog?

I’m glad you asked. The Naton State will be populated by articles and essays on current events, politics and culture, with a sprinkling of film, TV & music thrown in just because I can.

I tend to approach the world from a classical liberal/libertarian viewpoint, which means I’m naturally suspicious of state control and enjoy mocking the ever-reliable stupidity of identity politics.

This will not be a politically correct blog…but neither is it designed to be deliberately offensive or provocative. I will make no apologies for speaking the truth as I see it, and I don’t have time to get into endless online arguments. Trolls and hyperbole have no place here, so if you’re looking for a fight, go some place else because I’m too old and too busy to listen to bullshit.

That’s it for now, and I’ll be starting with a couple of my blog entries from regarding Brexit and the snap election – I voted to leave by the way. Remember that bit about state control?

All the best

Charles Naton

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